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    Print From ZPL String

    Paul Freeman

      Is there a way to send a ZPL string using .net linkOS sdk?  I know you can print from file, but in order to make it faster I would like to save my string in the Database or even in code and just send it.





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          Robin West

          Hi Paul, Yes definitely.

          You can just use the connection.Write() to send a ZPL string to the printer.

          TcpConnection Class

          // from the TCPConnection Class on Zebra Techdocs:
          private void SendZplOverTcp(string theIpAddress) {
            // Instantiate connection for ZPL TCP port at given address
            Connection thePrinterConn = new TcpConnection(theIpAddress, TcpConnection.DEFAULT_ZPL_TCP_PORT);
            try {
            // Open the connection - physical connection is established here.
            // This example prints "This is a ZPL test." near the top of the label.
            string zplData = "^XA^FO20,20^A0N,25,25^FDThis is a ZPL test.^FS^XZ";
            // Send the data to printer as a byte array.
            } catch (ConnectionException e) {
            // Handle communications error here.
            } finally {
            // Close the connection to release resources.