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    DataWedge API - SET_CONFIG

    Michal Prikryl


      I'm programming communication between my android application and DataWedge API. Everything is fine, except one thing. I want to create new DataWedge profile using SET_CONFIG API and I'm unable to create more than one PLUGIN_CONFIG section with profile setting within one intent. If I create profile with one PLUGIN_CONFIG, profile is successfully created with my setting. If I include more than one PLUGIN_CONFIG, profile is created, but with default setting.


      Code, which isn't working, is below -

      bMain.putParcelableArray("PLUGIN_CONFIG", new Bundle[]{bIKeyStrokeConfig, bBarcodeConfig, bIntentConfig});


      Code, which is working, is below -

      bMain.putBundle("PLUGIN_CONFIG", bBarcodeConfig);


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you for your response.