[TC51] In-browser scan withtout having focus on text field


I've been through a few topics speaking about in-browser scan and how you need to have focus on a text field to get input, but I could not find any solution about how to get scan events when no input is focused.

Since the app I am currently working on is scan-heavy and should be based on a web browser, it is really important that the user does not have to press a button beforehand in order to trigger focus on a text input. However, I couldn't find any event that is triggered when the focus is not on a text input.

Is there any configuration on DataWadge, event I didn't detect, or any other way to get scan to be detected without having to set the focus on a text input?

I am working with a TC510K on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) and DataWedge version is 6.6.50.