'IP Output' for DataWedge missing?

I have a MC9190G and I cannot find the 'IP Output' configuration.  I am assuming that the plugin is not installed by default?

Secondly, this scanner is running what seems to be a very old DataWedge 3.6.8.  Would it be best for me to remove the old DataWedge and replace it with DataWedge 6.8?  Thank you

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Hi Caroline,DataWedge 6.8 is

Hi Caroline,

DataWedge 6.8 is for Android only, it looks like you are using the latest version of DW available for the MC9190.

The following links should help:

IP Output plugin: IP Output Plug-In for DataWedge Support & Downloads | Zebra

IP Input plugin: IP Input Plug-In for DataWedge Support & Downloads | Zebra

DataWedge toolkit download for WM/CE devices: DataWedge Toolkit for Windows Support & Downloads | Zebra

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