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    Datawedge 6.7 activation of decoder_i2of5

    Frederic TURBELIN



      I'm programming an Android application that communicates with the DataWedge API.


      I want to create new DataWedge profile using SET_CONFIG method (http://techdocs.zebra.com/datawedge/6-7/guide/api/setconfig/) and I'm unable to tick decoder_i2of5 in scan profile. all others parameters are correctly activate as expected.


      sample of my code

      bBarcodeParams.putString("decoder_i2of5", "true");
      bBarcodeConfig.putBundle("PARAM_LIST", bBarcodeParams);
      bMain.putBundle("PLUGIN_CONFIG", bBarcodeConfig);


      What am I doing wrong ?


      Thank you for your reply.