ZEBRA TC 75 Scan not work on button click

Hello all,

i have a device (tc 75) this morning the guy who is used this device tell me the scan engine doesn't work ...

in fact, every time i click on the left button the scan not work (not the red light in front)

i open the app datawedge, try to scan ...but nothing happens ...

how i can try to see what's happens ?

i've look on keyProgrammer and look if the button r1 is mapp to the scan => yes

In dataWedge => profil is well active .

i 'm trying to reboot ...but every time i try to scan nothing happens ...

same thing for button volume up and down if i click (up or down) nothing happen ...

Last thing, if i click fast (multiple time) on button scan i receive an alert with a message like this:

unexpected error occured in scanning service ...

Thanks for your help

christophe bernard
Hello, any idea with this

Hello, any idea with this problem ? how i have more information ?


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