Run Application on non Zebra Device (Smartphone)


I am developing an application using datawedge for ZEBRA MC3300 device in android.  The client also wants that the application will also run on non zebra device (Smartphone or other scanning device like honewell etc.).

I have read below articles for run application on non zebra device.

Writing Enterprise Android applications that capture barcode data and run on multiple devices | Darryn Campbell's Blog

I have R&D over it.  and check below link.

GenericScanWedge/ at master · darryncampbell/GenericScanWedge · GitHub

GitHub - darryncampbell/DataWedge-API-Exerciser: Application to exercise the DataWedge Intent API for testing purposes

I have run above example on my device (Smartphone).  But I did not get any idea about how the application will run on non zebra device.