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I want to activate DCP from the Intent on Android.

For Datawedge 6.2, it works, but since 6.3, it doesn't work.

Can you help me please,

Here the code :

Bundle bParams = new Bundle();

bParams.putString("ssb_show", "true");

Bundle bConfig = new Bundle();

bConfig.putString("PLUGIN_NAME", "DCP");

bConfig.putString("RESET_CONFIG", "false");

bConfig.putBundle("PARAM_LIST", bParams);

On Datawedge 6.2, the virtual keyboard appears (DCP activated), but on 6.3 and up, there is nothing, and in the datawedge profil, DCP is not activate.

There is no documentation on the zebratech's website.

Javier Molina
Can you add some more details

Can you add some more details about your environment and what you're trying to achieve?

- What device are you trying this on?

- The full code snippet

- What is your ultimate goal? Are you looking to enable DCP only on a specific screen in your application? Something else?

If you're trying to enable DCP on just your application or even just one specific activity in your app, you can create a profile specifically and link it to be active only when that activity is open. That way you don't need to worry about enabling / disabling it manually. If it's something else, please elaborate.

Javier Molina

Technical Architect, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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Laurent Fructus
Here is a example of the code

Here is a example of the code :

I have the same code. I added the option to activate DCP

The profil is created from the code, not from the DatawedgeAPP.

It's for all the application.


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