Activate DCP - Data Capture Plus


I want to activate DCP from the Intent on Android.

For Datawedge 6.2, it works, but since 6.3, it doesn't work.

Can you help me please,

Here the code :

Bundle bParams = new Bundle();

bParams.putString("ssb_show", "true");

Bundle bConfig = new Bundle();

bConfig.putString("PLUGIN_NAME", "DCP");

bConfig.putString("RESET_CONFIG", "false");

bConfig.putBundle("PARAM_LIST", bParams);

On Datawedge 6.2, the virtual keyboard appears (DCP activated), but on 6.3 and up, there is nothing, and in the datawedge profil, DCP is not activate.

There is no documentation on the zebratech's website.