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    Xamarin Forms RFD8500

    Ridhwan Romjon



      I am building an app using Xamarin Forms which requires the use of the RFD8500 Scanner. My main focus at the moment is iOS however there is no Xamarin.iOS library for this. There is a Xamarin.Android one and there is the ISbtSdkApi which is the ios SDK.


      Has anyone created a Binding of the iOS sdk for XamarinForms? Or have suggestion on what to do?




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          Ridhwan Romjon


          Zebra Technologies have SDKs for their RFID Scanners on platforms including native iOS, native Android and Xamarin.Android however not for Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Forms.

          We are currently building a Xamarin.Forms app which critically requires the use of the RFID Scanner (RFD8500 model to be precise) on iOS. Our understanding is that this can be achieved by creating an iOS Binding Library for Zebra's existing Objective-C iOS SDK. I have personally attempted to bind this library through two methods, one being the classic iOS Binding method and two, creating a local C# Nuget Package for consumption. Due to lack of Objective-C experience, both attempts were unsuccessful.

          What we would like to know is:

          • Is what we are trying to do even possible? (i.e would a binding library be enough to get the RFID scanners to work with a .forms app)
          • If so, what is the scale of effort?
          • As we lack the technical skills for it, would anybody be up for getting involved in this Open Source? (doing the actual work)

          I think this would be a great project to do as over the last few months, I have found that a LOT of developers/companies have suffered from this same issue.

          Thank you