[Datawedge][Android] Do not scan when EditText is not focusable.


Hello, I am developing apk for MC3300 with android. I am using my own Datawedge Profile to perfom scan at my application.

Is that possible to stop or suspend scanner or do not read scan until some EditText will become focusable?

In my apk, after a scan I am sendng request do server and waiting for response, and until I get response I want to block next scan.

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You would need to use DataWedge Intents to achieve this.  In Android, detect that the edit text has focus and send an intent to DataWedge to enable the scanner (Scanner Input Plug-in) and then send another Intent to disable the scanner once the edit text loses focus

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Hi, thanks for your replay.

I am using Scanner Input Plug-in to disable and enable scanner already, but sometimes I got problems that scanner not react for my enable or disable requests, it gets stuck. I was searching about this problem and I found that there was fix for it but in LifeGuard, probably I don't have LifeGuard on my MC3300 device, any ideas what else could help?