Print .lbl file from code.

Hi all,

Some background:

We have two Zebra ZP 505's provided to us by FedEx. But we want to use them to print labels for another need at our company. I have installed the ZebraDesigner (free version) and every time I try to print a sample label I get the totally helpful message: "'SAMPLE.LBL' not printed. Error encountered during print."  If I try to feed one label via the Tools->Printer Tools->Print->Feed One Label I get the following message "Call to Windows StartDocPrinter has failed!" My assumption is that the ZebraDesigner software read the printer as a GX 420d not a ZP 505 and is sending the wrong printer name to Windows.

We use Fedex and UPS apps but we are developing our own proprietary app (WPF/C#) to print labels for another need. What I would like to do is design the .lbl file, add the file to my project and print directly to the printer with the .lbl file - I wouldn't export (or preload) it to the printer (because the software can't access the printer - see above).

Are there any samples that would show how to do this?