MZ320 - Convert external input number to barcode printout

I have a RFID reader used to scan livestock eartags which I have connected to my MZ320 printer via Bluetooth. When I scan a tag, the printer receives the number associated with this eartags and prints it out.

My issue is I need the printer to print this number as a barcode - rather than simply just the number - so we can scan it at the next step. Is this possible?

Is it possible to perhaps change the font to be a barcode font, given this is a CPCL printer and not ZPL compatible?

Here's a link to the reader we use, for clarity.


Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Carl,I believe it is

Hello Carl,

I believe it is possible to print a number as a barcode,  here is CPCL manual document:

Also, seems your printer has been discontinued due to outdated Bluetooth standard implementation that have some issues. I would recommend you to move on ZQ320 replacement model.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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