Zebra Printer SDK 2.15 .NET compatibility


I have to develop a .NET application (server side service) able to generate a label, that connects to the printer and triggers label printing. As a first thought, I considered a Zebra printer would be suitable in this case and found that Zebra Printer SDK 2.15 for .NET is available for connectivity.

But I have some questions regarding on how to connect to a Zebra printer from a .NET application, mainly from the point of view of compatibility with the Windows OS version and also with model of the printer.

1) On the developer portal it is stated this is compatible with Windows 7,  8 and 10. Is it also suitable to establish communication directly from an Windows Server 2016 to a printer set on the same network?

2) As for now I did not decided on the printer model type. Are there any restrictions in compatibility of the this SDK with the Zebra printer models? Let say if I have an industrial model available such as Zebra 110Xi4 600 DPI.

In addition, is a payable subscription required in case of using the Zebra Printing SDK in an intranet client application? (communication via TCP is intended).

I would appreciate if receiving some answers to any of these questions.

Thanks a lot!