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    ZQ510 Scalable Fonts

    Richard Veevers

      Hi, I'm hoping that somebody here can help with this, as I'm getting nowhere with this!


      We have a mobile windows PDA scanner device for stock control that supports printing labels vie bluetooth to Zebra mobile printers, the developer of the software advised it should work with any Zebra mobile printer so we purchased a ZQ510 printer that connected and started printing Labels from the PDA scanner, the problem is that it will not print the description Text on the Label, it prints the barcode and the barcode number ok, but will not print text.


      Long story short it looks as though the printer is missing a Scalable Font File, I have put the printer into debug mode and sent a print to capture the commands being sent to it and the test is trying to use a ST PLM.CSF font file. See below debug dump output:



      SET-TOF -10



      ! 0 200 200 300 1




      PAGE-WIDTH 400


      ST PLM.CSF 12 30 0 10 HERSHEY'S COOKIE

      ST PLM.CSF 10 10 0 90 WAS £0.89

      IL 0 90 210 90 26

      ST PLM.CSF 30 35 0 120 £0.80

      BT 7 0 0

      B 128 1 1 35 0 200 990340002394509900080

      BT OFF





      The developer is saying this is a standard font file that should be pre loaded onto the printers as they designed it to work out of the box, but clearly this isn't the case, or for some reason I've received a printer missing some files?


      Does anyone know how to go about loading this scalable font file onto the printer, or how to generate a .CSF font file. I've looked at all of the Zebra utilities, including the font downloader, and although this allows you to generate standard font files, it will not create scalable .CSF font files and I cannot find any documentation from zebra regarding this type of file?


      Any Help would be much appreciated.


      Many Thanks