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    DataWedge 7.2.5 could not read inverse QR-Codes

    Development Device



      we are developing an app for the TC51 device. Since February 2019 Update (Nougat or Oreo) the device will not scan inverted QR-Codes even if the "Inverse 1D Mode" in the DataWedge profile is set to enabled.

      Before this update, everything works fine.


      Does anyone else have this problem and has a workaround (except not using inverted QR-Codes ) for this problem?

      Is this a known bug and will be fixed in a future DataWedge Version?

      Did i miss something?


      Ive attached two test QRCodes (one inverted one normal).


      The content of the QRCode reads:

      {"staffmember_id": "123#4711"}


      Thanx for answers


      Greetings from Austria