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    SB1 apps.json location

      Hello all,


      I am having a little problem with the SB1 and not really sure if it's an access issue or inexperience(likely).


      First things first

      When I connect the SB1 to my computer all I have access to is the following.

      Is this all I need to see and access?

      SB1 Plug In.JPG.jpg


      After speaking to someone at Moto I was told I needed the "config" folder, so I received it, with the following files in it.






      I have added a new app to the apps.json file as followed...



      "name": EPOWERDOC",

      "url": "http://www.epowerdoc.com",

      "icon": "http://www.epowerdoc.com/app/sb1/EPD.png"



      1. I do not know where the "config" folder needs to "reside"?

           Once I find where the config folder lives then I guess my next question is...


      2. Once the SB1 is reset will it recognize the changes made to the apps.json?


      Thank You


      Marcel Pertile

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          David Males


          I've been working with the SB1 for a few weeks now - I've finished an MVC app calling a web api and have started on a SPA as well.


          1. I have just plugged in my SB1 and the folders I see are:

          SB1 config folders.PNG.png


          2. Every time I make a change to the apps.json I reset the device and my new application is displayed, although I must admit I have left out the icon.


          I didn't have to do anything to set up these folders - I assumed they were the default ones but I could be mistaken.




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              David Males

              As soon as I posted  I came across this in the SB1 Programming guide.


              The most important baseline file is the config.js file. If a valid config.js file is not present in the \UserDrive\config folder of the SB1 at boot, then all contents of the UserDrive is ignored by the SB1 Shell. In such a case, the SB1 Shell behaves according to the config.js file that is built into the SB1. This behavior is sometimes referred to as the default or fresh out of the box behavior of the SB1. For more information on the config.js file, see config.js File on page 2-3.

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                Thank you for the reply this helps me a little as I look at your screen shot I see you have access to the "apps" folder which is weird I don't. So it almost seems like their is some kind of access or blocked issue with mine?


                ALSO I did not see the "UserDrive" file so I created and placed the config folder in it... and still nothing... At this point I am willing to trying anything...

                I read to do a Manufacture Reset, but then read a few issues with it not reconnecting the WiFI. (I can't lose that now)