SB1 Memory Leak

Can anyone help me with a 'Low Memory' issue on the SB1. I have an application that collects data when off-line. It polls my server to see when it is up. Each poll leaks a little memory so eventually I run out of memory. Stopping and starting the app does not release the memory. Only a coldboot does.


I can check in code to see if WIFI is up without having to poll when it is down. However the only way to check if the server is up is to poll it periodically.


I would really like to get this fixed. In the meantime I'd like to try a workaround of coldbooting the SB1 when it gets cradled. However all my various versions of coldboot do not work on the SB1. If anyone has a solution for this let me know. I am also going to start a discussion asking for a coldboot.exe that will work on the SB1.