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    Kiosk mode on the SB1

    David Carew

      Is there a way to boot the SB1 directly into my app ? I tried setting my app as the startup app in config.js and my app does start automatically but I'm taken to the Home screen not to my app on reboot.


      Here's the ideal behavior for our app


      1) SB1 boots directly to our app

      2) Home key pressed keeps the user in our app

      3) Exiting our app via the menu  allows the user to access Systems settings etc


      Has anyone been able to accomplish anything like this ? We're trying to keep the user interface as simple as possible for our users

        • Re: Kiosk mode on the SB1
          John Stallworth

          Hi David,

          If you configure the startup in OS36.3 it should not stop go to the home screen first.
          You cannot disable the home button.

          However, you may configure (config.js) the device to have an Admin pin to prevent the user from going into administrative screens. You can also disable the home => profile button.

          Hope that helps.