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    Adjusting commercial application to ET1

    Edgar Molina

      the critical issues we have encountered with the Motorola ET-1 tablet are a few different ones:

      • Auto Scaling of applications on the 7” tablet
      • Deployment of new applications and updates
      • Google play store access to install/deploy 3rd party application like google maps which the vertrax mobile application utilizes as part of our application


        Our experiences with proprietary tablets like the Motorola ET-1 are more complex to deploy and support compared to Samsung tablets

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          John Seimer

          Hi Edgar,


          Can you elaborate more on the issue you are seeing with auto scaling?  What type of layout are you using on the activity?  In which resources folder are your images, if any?


          As far as deployment we are partnering with a number of mobile device management providers (ie soti, airwatch, and others) that work very well for deploying applications and managing devices.


          The ET1 does not subscribe to Google Play Services (which includes the play store and other google libraries like the maps API).  This is because using any one of these requires the end user to opt-in to all of Googles agreements, with which many of our enterprise customers have some privacy concerns with (Google receiving and storing end user data on their servers).  We do provide optional GMS builds on some of our devices that are more BYOD type devices (ie. TC55).


          For maps you will find that there are other alternative APIs available that can provide much of the same feature set without subscribing to Google Play Services.

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              Edgar Molina


              Thank you for your response.


              This project scope is for 400 devices for a Mobile Service Route.

              This is for a commercial software (Vertax) that was originally developed for Samsumg Tablet 11".

              Vertrax took advantage of developing on the open android platform

              We as a Motorola partner explained all the benefits of the ET1 to the customer and they agreed to evaluate the ET1.


              Vertrax now need to adjust their application to fit into ET1 7" and work with the restrictions of the Enterprise Platform.


              The issue here is that Vertrax requires support to adjust the current application and define how they need to work on the ET1, knowing that their standard application works on a open andriod platform and this flexibility is part of the reasons that the customer selected Vertrax as a solution

              Also about maps, they have been using Google Maps for the standard application, changing this means a different scope for developing.


              Could it be possible to have a conference with Vertrax ??


              Please advise

              Edgar Molina