Android 14 in Now Open Source, Features Focus on the User

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IN THIS ISSUE: Android 14 Focused on Users; Microsoft Warns of 'Oktapus' Tentacles; Chrome, Safari Support New List Element; IBM's Watsonx Code Assistant Stands Ready; C# 12 to add Primary Constructors; MS Offers Hand with Arm


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Android 14 Focuses on the Usual and the User 

Earlier this month, the developer community released Android 14 to its open source project, with a strong focus not only on improving performance and security as always, but also with an emphasis on the customizability of features by users. 


Microsoft Warns of Oktapus Malware Expansion

When facilities as secure as Las Vegas casinos are attacked, no one is safe. Microsoft has issued a warning that the so-called "Octo Tempest" has used an adversary-in-the-middle attack to penetrate not the MGM, but also Caesars Entertainment as well. And it's getting stronger.     

Screenshot of before and after with hr in select. The after image has dividers between groups.

Element Old is New Again

Web developers can now add horizontal rules--an old and trusted element--to their drop-down lists, which provides a means to visually organize and simplify navigation and selection. Chrome 119 and Safari 17 both support it. Here's a quick primer. 


IBM's Watsonx Ready to Slay COBOL

Hard to believe it was 12 years ago that an intelligent computer defeated the two most decorated champions of the TV game show Jeopardy! Much as changed in the AI world since then and IBM has not sat still. Here's a look at what IBM's veteran computer whiz is up to. 


Image description

C# 12 to Add Primary Constructors 

Xamarin developers will surely find favor with the laundry list of enhancements that reportedly are set to appear when C# 12 is released later this fall. Here's a deep look at what's ahead along with usage notes and benefits. 


Microsoft Offers a Hand with Arm

Redmond this month launched the "Arm Advisory Service for developers," a no-cost service intended to help keep coders on track when targeting PCs based on the ARM processor. 


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