Android 15 Boosts All Things Security; EU Passes AI Act

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IN THIS ISSUE: Android 15 Boosts All Things Security; WearOS Prioritizes UX; Remove Apps Without Removing Apps; Keep the 'Firm' in 'Firmware'; GenAI Market Trends 2024; EU Passes AI Act


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Android 15 Boosts All Things Security 

While developers might gripe about how hard it's getting to do this or that because of heightened Android security, the Android development community presses on with more security enhancements in last month's release of the Android 15 Preview


WearOS Prioritizes UX

The Android community building WearOS also reached a milestone in Feb., showcasing the OnePlus Watch 2, which makes use of the dual-chipset architecture and hybrid interface included in WearOS 4 late last year. 


Remove Apps Without Removing Apps

When are your apps not your apps? When they're archived, of course. Android 15 will introduce a feature that allows apps to be removed to free up storage space without fully uninstalling them, eliminating data lost when they're uninstalled and simplifying restoration. 


Keep the 'Firm' In "Firmware' 

For fans of objective technical product reviews, Marques Brownlee is worth a slot in the Youtube subscription list. Here, one of his reviews is the foil for making the case against leaning too heavily on the "We'll fix it after release and update the firmware" mentality.  


Robotic hand takes a slice out of a coin, representing money

Market Trends for Generative AI in 2024

Information Week provides an overview of trends in AI development its editors expect to see this year, as companies and developers forge ahead despite dire warnings of the potential consequences.


EU Gets AI Act Together

EF Hutton and Elon Musk have at least one thing in common: When they talk, people listen. And Musk has been sounding the alarm about AI, which might have contributed to passing the AI Act, a years-long effort by the EU to govern artificial intelligence development. 



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