Chrome Adds Third Option; Apple to Devs: Explain Yourselves

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IN THIS ISSUE: Chrome Adds Third Permission; Apple to Require API Justification; Betty Blocks Offers No-code AI; Wi-Fi 7 is Here, And Fast; StackOverflow Says Welcome to the Machine; How Shugart Became Seagate


Block or Allow: Chrome Adds a Third Option

Developers building apps to run on the Chrome browser can finally offer app users a choice when prompting them for permission that's neither "block" nor "allow." Google's Chrome 116 recently added a third option of the list that previously was "all or nothing."  


Apple To Devs: Explains Yourselves

Citing privacy and other concerns, Apple this week announced that it will begin requiring developers to explain their use of certain APIs before their apps will be allowed on the Apple Play Store. Apps without such explanations could be rejected starting next spring (2024). 


Integrate AI With Stone-age Simplicity 

Application platform provider Betty Blocks has added AI integration to its list of no-code solutions for building apps and data-management systems tailored for legal departments in the enterprise. 


Wi-Fi 7 Is Here, And Fast 

Wi-Fi 7 is here, withj performance specs reportedly off the charts While some device makers have barely implemented its predecessor, the so-called 802.11be Extremely High Throughput is leaving Wi-Fi 6 in the dust.  


Stack Overflow Says Welcome to the Machine

Stack Overflow has unveiled new AI-based capabilities that it says will radically improve the way its 100 million daily users find developer-community information and programming solutions they've come to trust for the past 15 years.    


Shugart Associates SA 400

How Shugart Became Seagate

Computer-industry veterans might recall the 5.25-inch floppy disk and its accompanying behemoth drive (above), one or two of which were installed in most IBM PCs sold in the 1980s. But few might know the fascinating story of its inventor Alan Shugart, who was just warming up. 




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