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Formerly Cloud Connect for RFID,  Data Services for RFID reduces costs, simplifies setup, and centralizes access to data. 

RFID infrastructure provides serious benefits for businesses—but costs can scale. With Zebra’s RFID Data Services, businesses can replace expensive servers with cloud connectivity that’s built directly into their RFID reader devices. This enables streamlined workflows and advanced analytics with a lower TCO than a full-fledged RFID deployment.


  1. Expensive local infrastructure for server hardware and middleware software
  2. Time-consuming with long roll-out of servers and network updates
  3. Costly customizations needed to avoid local issues
  4. Insufficient data and formatting from RFID middleware 
  5. Inability to share and filter cross multiple business units and partners

RFID Data Services is a collection of services that support the following features for the FX7500, FX9600 and ATR7000 readers. These services are primarily used to integrate into software solutions.

  • Use a simple website to quickly enroll readers into the Zebra Savanna Data Services platform.
  • Cloud connectivity infrastructure is Zebra hosted and built into cost.
  • Capture RFID tag read events in real time.
    • Send RFID tag reads to your services, anywhere
    • GS1 decode into human readable attributes
    • Filter to receive just the tags you want, where you want them
    • Setup using website or API
  • Configure and manage readers
    • Capture current status information
    • Configure – network, antennas, read modes
    • Control – tag events, GPO, AppLED
    • Overthe-Air firmware updates
  • Use Read Modes to control when and what tags are sent to the cloud
    • Simple – send a read event the first time a tag is seen by reader
    • Inventory – Schedule how often to send a list of tags it has seen since the last inventory event.
    • Portal – When the GPI is triggered, perform an inventory of tags
    • Custom – Configure modes per antenna, etc.
  • GS1 Decode service (option) – automatically decode tag read events or use the API to decode epc values.
  • Analytics & Reporting (option)
    • Determine a single tag’s history – View a single epc and track what readers reported it and when.
    • View events for a single reader – View what tags were reported by a specific reader.
    • Overall history – get a view of all tags reported from your readers within a specific time period

For full documentation and details go to Data Services for RFID API documentation

If you are interested purchasing or getting a free demo/POC or pilot access, contact your Zebra Account Team or Zebra purchasing partner.  This service is now fully availible in production.


Robin West

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