Developers in U.S. Could Be Held Liable for Cyber Breaches

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IN THIS ISSUE: Devs Liable for Cyber Breaches?; Web Components Can Be Sweet and Sour; Viewport Size Matters; Geek Alert: The PDF Story; The Latest on Jetpack Compose; Should Devs Be Doing Mutation Testing? 


What is cyber law?

Devs Liable for Cyber Breaches?

The Biden administration has urged U.S. lawmakers to draft legislation that would hold developers responsible if defects in their software are shown to be the cause of a security breach. Similar laws have been discussed in Europe for the past year. 


Web Components Can Be Sweet and Sour 

When developing apps for the web, developers might not always realize that work can be offloaded to the browser simply by calling on a web component or two, freeing up their brains for  work on their core program functions. But it's not all sunshine and lollipops. 


Viewport Size Matters

The great thing about standards is that everybody gets to have one. And when it comes to viewport, one size definitely does not fit all. Viewport sizes can vary greatly even on the same device. The image above shows three sizes invoked by Apple iOS alone. Here's how to adapt. 


Geek Alert: The Story of the PDF

We're willing to wager that, just like us, some of our readers are geeks fascinated by origin stories such as the Shugart-to-Seagate story from our Aug. 7 installment. Even more impactful was the Portable Document Format, which literally changed the world wide web. 


The Latest on Jetpack Compose

Developers of Google's Jetpack Compose have announced that it has "upstreamed" several components of its Accompanist incubation system into the main library, and is deprecating others, including System UI Controller, page indicators and place holders. 


Mutation Testing: To Do, or Not To Do 

As the name suggests, mutation testing involves the deliberate injection of defects into an app to see how it behaves. There are two schools of thought on this technique. What are yours? Be a part of the conversion with veteran software tester and cartoonist Torsten Zelger.


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