Learn more about Enterprise Browser 2.0 (EB) with new, exciting features such as Voice readiness and an SAP EB Bundle simplifying configuration and deployment for SAP. Developers discover more about EB 2.0 how it can help you when developing on the enterprise platform. 

This is a preview of an APPFORUM session topic , June 2019. 

Presented by:  Sudhakar Murthy, Zebra Software Engineer

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Hi, we are very curious about EB2.0 since it was first mentioned nearly half a year ago but new order+licensing+activating process (even for trial purpose) model and its complexity is annoyingly discouraging.

but I'm writing this post to let you know that your APPFORUM hyperlink is not working (at least not for me as it links to and not <a href=""></a&gt; - which works )


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DevTalk draft Agenda is as below:
<li>Introduction to EB2.0 APKs</li>
<li>Scanning With EB2.0</li>
<li>Enhancement to KeyCodeMapping</li>
<li>Introducing Page-Based Action</li>
<li>Enhancement to DOM Injection</li>
<li>Voice Support (ASR &amp; TTS)</li>
<li>RFID APIs</li>
<li>BlueTooth APIs</li>
<li>New Config Params added</li>
<li>Introduction to ButtonBar Utility (Beta)</li>

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