Zebra DevCon 2023

Celebrating Zebra DevCon 2023

Priyanka Shrimali -

Zebra DevCon 2023 has come to an end, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone involved – attendees, sponsors, panelists, speakers – who made this event a remarkable success. Developers from all over the world participated in a variety of sessions and activities aimed at providing insight and knowledge on various technical topics and industry trends.

Zebra DevCon took place on September 13-15 in Madrid, Spain, and featured a lineup of speakers including senior technology leaders, developers and engineers from Zebra, Google, Deepsense.ai, Aimtec, IOTA, Humans in the Loop, SAP, and Qualcomm, who delivered keynotes, panels discussions about the future of work, AI, and the integration of technology into user experiences.

In addition, there were over 40 breakout sessions covering topics such as Mobile Computing, Printers, Data Capture, Machine Vision, SaaS, Robotics, emerging tech, and thought leadership. Other sessions covered a variety of topics such as advanced asset tracking, IoT, mobile payments, and controlling robotics via REST APIs, to name just a few. Hands-on access to Zebra products and networking events offered the opportunity for the attendees to interact with our Zebra teams and connect with like-minded developers and leaders.

Tom Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer of Zebra Technologies, delivered an insightful keynote address that addressed the next steps for developers in transforming and elevating new business and end-user UX with advances in mobility, Wi-Fi, cloud, and 5G connectivity and digital intelligence through AI.

There was also a keynote delivered by Tomasz Kulakowski, Founder and CEO of Deepsense.ai, which focused on large language models, their current and future impact, and what they mean for the developer world. Additionally, Tess Valbeuna, Chief Operating Officer of Humans in the Loop, shared the company's vision of creating data and AI jobs and training for people impacted by conflict and disaster situations. Peitro Maggi, Android Enterprise Advocate, and Antonio Alonso Daroca, Android Enterprise Business Development Manager at Google, offered a keynote on the intersection between mobile and digital transformation covering topics as desktop development, mobile's integral role in digital transformation, Android 14, secure cross-profile data sharing, Android device management APIs, and telephony enhancements.

Zebra DevCon was closed with a keynote on UX by James Morley-Smith, Global Director of User Experience at Zebra Technologies.

All in all, Zebra DevCon 2023 was a great success! We laughed, we cheered, and we celebrated as our passionate community came together. Together, we are pushing boundaries and shaping the future. Thank you all for being a part of this extraordinary journey, and we look forward to seeing everyone again for the next DevCon in future!

View event highlights here -https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_dam/en/video/web-production/zeb…

Session recordings will be made available to the attendees in the next few weeks, and then selected sessions will be shared on the Zebra Developer portal throughout the year.


Priyanka Shrimali

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B Brian Fowlkes

Can you provide more details about the breakout sessions at Zebra DevCon 2023?

P Priyanka Shrimali

Hello Brian, you can find additional details about Zebra DevCon 2023 at: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/events/devcon.html