Google Gemini Integrates with Stack Overflow for Q&A Data

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IN THIS ISSUE: Gemini Links with Stack Overflow; Does AI Need a Human Touch?; White House Advises Memory Safety; Be Smart if Using ConnectWise; GitHub Vulnerability Mother Lode; Android Studio Iguana Is Stable


In this photo illustration, a Google Gemini logo is displayed on a smartphone with stock market percentages in the background.

Google's Gemini Publicity Stack Overflows

The negative attention following the debut of Google's Gemini in February overshadowed the clever move to bestow its AI system with hordes of helpful programming info from Stack Overflow, perhaps the world's leading Q&A site for developers. 


Does AI Need a Human Touch? 

Interesting thought piece about the benefits and potential dangers of generative AI might inspire laughs, gasps, and maybe a few tasks. 


Memory Safety | Android Open Source Project


White House Advises Memory Safety

Memory defects represent more than half of the attack surface of software today, and were behind such high-profile breaches as Heartbleed (2014), Trident (2016), and Blastpass (2023), according to a White House announcement released last week. 


Be Smart if Using ConnectWise

There are two new vulnerabilities currently being exploited against organizations using the ConnectWise remote-device management solution. The company in mid-February revealed the flaws, along with partial remediation. Customers no longer under support also are protected. Learn more.  


GitHub Vulnerability Mother Lode
At least 100,000 repositories on GitHub reportedly contain malicious code, and that number could reach 1 million or more, according to a piece on GBhackers on Security, a web site dedicated to helping to keep developers safe online. 


Android Studio Iguana Reaches Stability

The Android developer community late last week announced that the Iguana release of Android Studio (2023.2.1) is stable. The latest version enhances debugging and themed icon previews, and the new Studio Bot generates and fixes code and answers coding questions. 


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