Google, Microsoft to Tackle TLS, Deprecate Older Versions

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IN THIS ISSUE: Google, Microsoft Tackle TLS; Auto Theft in the Digital Age; Iran-backed Group Attacks Satellites; No-code, Low-code Solutions; Out with Passwords, In With What?; Google Redesigns Font Site


Apple, Microsoft, Google Announce Plans to Disable TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1

Google, Microsoft Tackle TLS

Transport Layer Security is almost as old as the internet itself, supplanting SSL in 1996, and peaking at version 1.3 in 2018. Google and Microsoft believe it's time for something new, and will begin phasing out older versions later this month.  


Auto Theft in the Digital Age

By now, the amount of software running in cars is old news. What might come as a surprise is the amount of user data that's also part of the interior. A report released last week covering 25 auto makers reveals just how vulnerable that data can be. And privacy isn't on the list of available options. 


Holding the High Ground: Defending Satellites From Cyber Attack | AFCEA  International

Iran-backed Group Attacks Satellites, Pharma

If you thought cyber attacks came mostly from China, North Korea and Russia, think again. A spate of attacks on defense, pharmaceutical and satellite targets has been ongoing since February and it's coming from Iran. 


Summary: No-code, Low-code Solutions

No-code and low-code app-building solutions have come and gone over the years. So it makes sense to take a fresh look at the field about once a decade. This piece not only looks at 10 of the latest such tools, but also provides costs and steps through the build process. 


Password alternatives: Time to do away with passwords? | Synopsys

Out With Passwords, In With What?

Passwords are a burden, no doubt about it. A quick Google search reveals that the average person maintains between 70 and 100 passwords, a figure that's easy to believe based on experience. Yet adoption of alternatives such as biometrics has been slow. Here's why.   


Google Fonts Site Redesigned

Google earlier this month unveiled a new and improved web site where developers can go to retrieve assets from its 1,500 font families spanning 1,000 languages and 6,000 material symbols. The site also now implements the Material 3 Navigation Rail, to simplify nav. 



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