IN THIS ISSUE: A Hands-on Look at Android 12; Google Underpins Android with Rust; Container Queries Now Part of CSS; NativeScript 8.0 Supports Apple M1, webpack5; Google Slapped with Privacy Complaint; Chrome 90 Arrives


Exclusive: Here’s a first look at some more upcoming features in Android 12

Android 12 to Feature Numerous Changes 

An anonymously leaked build of Android 12 shows scrolling screenshots, improvements to app-pairs, tablet home-screen improvements and much more. 


Google Building Android with Rust

Developers at Google are reportedly starting to favor the Rust language over C++ for building low-level Android components, presumably for its memory safety, friendly compiler and other advantages over the stalwart object-oriented coding environment. 


CSS (Finally) Implements Container Queries

Presenting UI components accurately for the display type just got more reliable thanks to container queries, which potentially can deliver more useful results than media queries alone. 


NativeScript 8.0 Supports Apple M1, webpack5

The latest version of the open-source framework for building mobile apps for Android and iOS delivers a slew of new features

40+ Free Gdpr & Privacy Illustrations - Pixabay

Google Slapped With Privacy Complaint

European privacy advocates have filed a complaint against Google, claiming that the Android Advertising ID it places on Android and iOS devices is akin to a tracking cookie implanted without user consent, which runs afoul of the EU's strict privacy laws.  


Chrome 90 Comes with Useful Changes

Even if you're not interested in what's new in Chrome 90, you might have a few laughs at the super-corny way Google's Pete LePage delivers the news.