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Edward Correia - March 19, 2021

IN THIS ISSUE: Google Halves Play Store Fee; The Linux Foundation Focus on Mobile;  Confessions of a Designer; How to Create a Spinner with CSS; Google's ML Now GA; A Better Mac Terminal Experience?


Principal joins list of record keepers cutting fees on loans, hardship  withdrawals

Google Cuts Play Fee in Half

Google last week announced that it will cut its fee for the Play Store app marketplace to 15 percent, starting on July 1. The fee will apply to the first $1 million in revenue of "digital goods or services" per year, which the compamy says will amount to a 50 percent fee reduction for most developers.   

Linux Foundation to Focus on Mobile

The non-profit Linux Foundation has announced a new group that will concentrate on "bring[ing] developers together to improve processes and technologies that support large-scale Android and iOS applications." Initial participation is coming from about two dozen diverse companies, including Lyft, Microsoft, Peloton, Square and Uber. 

Confessions of a Designer

An interesting read written by a Mac-based designer, who's not opposed to changing apps in search of increased productivity, more features or a better experience. 

Tutorial: How to Create Spinners With CSS Alone

Communicating that your app is busy is a suggested best practice if the user has to wait more than a second. This tutorial explains how to create a customized spinner using only CSS.

  Example of Pose classification and repetition counting with MLKit Pose

Google's Machine Learning Kit Hits GA

Introduced in 2018, Google's Machine Learning SDK has finally reached general availability. The kit reportely includes stable APIs for Entity Extraction, Selfie Segmentation, Pose Detection and much more.  

A Better Mac Terminal Experience? 

Developers who've chosen macOS as their platform of choice might have settled for Apple Terminal, the shell included with the OS. Here's how to find and select a better alternative. 


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