IN THIS ISSUE: Android Studio 4.2 Improves UX; Time to Target Android SDK 30; Bootstrap 5 Lands New Components; Primer: CSS Container Queries; Under the Covers at GitHub; A Collection of Landing Pages


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Android Studio 4.2 Improves UX, Productivity

The Android community has posted Android Studio 4.2 to the stable release channel, complete with full Java 15 support and other improvements to the underlying IntelliJ Idea platform, a migration assistant and additional productivity enhancements. 


Time to Target Android SDK 30

August 30 is the mandatory deadline for targeting SDK 30. Will your apps be ready? Here's a brief guide to what might be in store.  


Bootstrap 5 Lands New Components 

The latest version of the Bootstrap CSS framework now includes an "offcanvas" component, accordion, and new and updated forms. There's also  new, cleaner docs.  


Primer: CSS Container Queries

Even if you're using Bootstrap's (or some other framework's) responsive grids to handle rendering content based on screen size, individual content components might still not render well in all cases. CSS container queries offers a solution. 



Under the Covers at GitHub

Developers who've been enjoying the experience at GitHub might also like this behind-the-scenes look at how the content management system uses web components. 


A Collection of [Free] Landing Pages

That old adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" has never been more true than with a web site's primary landing page. And while we wouldn't call all of these open-source examples "awesome," some are pretty nice, and might be worth considering for web developers seeking a fresh look.