IN THIS ISSUE: Safari Gets a Grid Inspector; Pssst...Want Some Free Fonts?; A Guide to Google's Core Web Vitals; 18 Pitfalls of Mobile Commerce Design; TIP: How to Handle Mobile Viewports; BEST PRACTICE: Handling Cookie Notices

Page Overlay showing grid constraints of concert poster demo using CSS Grid Layout

Inside Safari's New Grid Inspector

Getting complex HTML layouts to look just right can be confounding, even when using the web-standard CSS Grid Layout. Apple offers some help with CSS Grid Inspector, a new feature included in the Safari Technology Preview 123 that provides visibility into elements of the layout. 


Pssst...Want Some Free Fonts?

For those living by the "If it's free, it's for me" credo, this sight will definitely be for you. 


A Guide to Google's Core Web Vitals

There's more to raising your Google search ranking than linkbacks and keywords. A lot more. Here's how to measure and modify for results. 


18 Common Pitfalls of Mobile Commerce UX Design

There are tons of articles covering common (and sometimes hilarious) mistakes made when building user interfaces. This is the one to bookmark. 


TIP: How to Handle Mobile Viewports

The language is a little rough, but this technique presents a solid way (with code) to address a common issue when building mobile apps for Android. 


BEST PRACTICE: Handling Cookie Notices

Anyone doing web development in the past year has likely had to build some sort of alert regarding the site's use of cookies. Here's a set of practices that might have come in handy.