IN THIS ISSUE: Apache Cassandra 4.0 Beta Spotted; Android 12 to Get 'Bubbly' Buttons; Life Before CSS; Inside the PNG Image Format; Chromium Testing 'Follow' Feature; Embed Google Forms Without iFrames



Apache Cassandra 4.0 Beta Spotted

Keep an eye out for Cassandra 4.0, a reportedly faster, more stable version of the (already fast) NoSQL database management system for web and mobile apps. 


Android 12 To Get 'Bubbly' Buttons

At its Google I/O developer conference earlier this month, the company previewed Android 12, the next major revision that some are calling "radical." 


25 Years Ago; Life Before CSS

Renowned author and web-tech expert Eric Meyer reflects on his first exposure to CSS. For veteran developers, this 10-minute read will be an interesting walk down memory lane.

PNG Image File Format, Explained

For curious geeks (and those who liked the CSS piece above), you might also enjoy taking a peek inside the PNG image format, and how it can reduce app footprint.


Chromium Testing a 'Follow' Feature

In an effort to simplify the ability to keep tabs on content published to favorite web sites, the Chrome developer community is testing "Follow," a feature that will alert subscribers whenever content is added.


Embed Google Forms Without iFrames

Even if you're not trying to embed Google Forms on a static web site, this 20-minute read is interesting and contains useful analysis techniques and sample code.