IN THIS ISSUE: Amazon Apps Fail on A-12; Google 'Font' of Knowledge; Avoiding Analytics Accidents; Grants for UI Design Innovation; Quest for a Greener Interweb; Build Better Hyperlinks

Amazon App-store Apps Break on A-12 

From the "careful what you wish for" category, the digital security imposed on apps from Amazon's app store might be a bit too secure for devices running Android 12. The apps reportedly stop working or working properly after updating to the latest OS.  

36 perfect font pairings | Creative Bloq

Google's New 'Font' of Knowledge

The typeface chosen for an app or website is crucial not only for readability, but it can set the tone for the entire site. While content delivered in Comic Sans might be completely accurate, the Times New Roman font might appear more credible. Here's Google's take on Best Practices. 


Avoiding Analytics Accidents  

Gathering and using statistics to gain some advantage is now a common strategy for organizations ranging from big-box stores to baseball leagues. But analyzing huge amounts of data to its advantage requires skill, and lacking it can lead to unforced errors.


The UI Fund: Grants for Design Innovation

Here's a potential side-hustle for UI designers. The Chrome developer community is inviting designers using CSS, HTML and other technologies to submit ideas for innovation in UI design. There's no deadline, and it's open to many design categories. 


Quest for a Greener Interweb

Is your website unduly contributing to Global Warming? The web is reportedly responsible for 3.7 percent of the world's carbon emissions, putting it on par with the airline industry. One proposal is to give websites a carbon budget. 


Hyperlinks: How to Build Better 

In the Nov. 29 edition, we postulated that the hyperlink "click here" might never go away, and linked to a story explaining why it should. Now. For those remaining unconvinced, here's another try at persuading designers to embrace the utility of descriptive link text.