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Industry News - Week of May 16, 2022

Edward Correia - May 13, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE- Android 13, Beta 2 is Here; Android 13 in Pictures; Chipmunk Debugs Animation; Language Selection Done Right; Microsoft Launches Inclusive Lab; Getting Accurate Test Reports

Android 13, Beta 2 is Here

Google last week unveiled a new beta of Android 13, the next edition of the world's most popular mobile OS. The community continues to focus on privacy, security and productivity for developers. The news came at Google I/O 2022, the first held in person post-pandemic. 


Android 13 in Pictures

Here's a visual rundown of major new features in A-13, B2, and when possible, compared with the same feature as implemented in B1.  


Android Studio Chipmunk Debugs Animation

The Android developer community last week released Android Studio Chipmunk 2021.2.1, which includes the latest version of IntelliJ Idea along with a small set of powerful features for debugging and performance tuning. 


<a href='https://stripe.com/'>Stripe</a> with a popover allowing users to jump to a different country in the footer.

Language Selection Done Right

It seems a simple enough problem: Present a menu that's universally recognizable regardless of the client's native language. But it's not always so straightforward. Here's how to make it so. 


Microsoft Launches Inclusive Tech Lab

Riding the wave of diversity and inclusion that's flooding into many corporations these days, Microsoft is touting its new "Inclusive Tech Lab," which it says is an effort to design and build accessories for people with disabilities


Getting Accurate Test Reports

There are ways to get accurate test reports and there are ways not to. When time is short and release pressure is on, testers should do a few simple things to keep their nerves from frying and their reputations from tanking.



Edward Correia

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