Industry Views: Apr. 17, 2023 - UK Proposes AI Regulations

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IN THIS ISSUE: UK Proposes AI Regulations; Why Does Business Ignore the UX?; AWS to Code With AI; Android Privacy Week; Beware of 'Fake' Open Source; Prepping Apps for Flamingo; 


Business Reporter - Technology - UK risks losing out on hi-tech growth if  it falters on AI regulation

UK Proposes AI Regulations 

Citing the unpredictability of adaptive and autonomous high technologies, officials from the United Kingdom last week released a 91-page proposal (PDF) that seeks to regulate not necessarily the tech itself, but the outcomes that could result. 


Why Does Business Ignore the UX?

There's an extremely high probability that this piece hits very close to home for your company. Despite the overwhelming evidence that a strong focus on user experience yields as much as a 100-to-1 return on investment, many companies ignore customer UX and plod ahead blindly. 


AWS To Code with AI

Organizations building apps that leverage Amazon Web Services are about to get some help from the computers themselves. Amazon last week unveiled updates to its tools and services surrounding AWS that use AI to help developers be more productive and less distracted. 


7 quick Android fixes to ensure privacy on your phone | WIRED UK

Android Privacy Week

It's no secret that Google has placed a strong emphasis on securing the Android ecosystem in recent years. For a quick retrospective, here's a brief piece on security enhancements from A-11 thru 13, and short videos on privacy-permission workflows and new restrictions on storage


Beware of 'Fake' Open Source 

Companies for decades have been opting for open-source software over proprietary solutions to help reduce costs and innovate more quickly and as they decide. But like most other things involving tech, open source has its pitfalls, one of which reportedly is false advertising. 

Preparing Apps for Flamingo

Now that Android Studio Flamingo is stable (announced in a blog post last week), it's probably a good idea to start preparing apps for the ways that the latest SDK changes the build process.


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