Industry Views: Apr. 3, 2023 - Insurance Giant Leveraging AI

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IN THIS ISSUE: GitHub Updates AI-based Coding Tool; Easy App Optimization; Developers Seek AI Knowledge; Aflac Getting AI Ducks in a Row; The Head-tracking 3D Illusion; The Atari Democrat


GitHub Unveils Copilot X

GitHub has released Copilot X, the latest version of its coding assistant that it says incorporates OpenAI's latest GPT-4 model aid with pull requests and command-line usage, can generate answers about code documentation and more.  


Easy App Performance Optimization

It might seem like a no-brainer, but obvious solutions can often be the most elusive. Before breaking out the test meters for apps that seem sluggish or slow to load, check the easiest things first. Often the culprits are images and icons. Here are some quick ways to optimize.  


Developers Seek AI Knowledge

Spoiler Alert: Java and Python are still the most sought-after skills by developers, but Rust and Go are coming on strong (side note: Linus Torvalds' thoughts on Rust). But perhaps the most interest has been in AI, which some have said will one day replace developers entirely.



Aflac Getting AI Ducks in a Row

Are there real-world applications for AI systems like ChatGPT? The people at insurance giant Aflac seem to think so. This Q&A with new CIO Sheila Anderson reveals how the company is leveraging AI to increase worker efficiency, speed claims processing and improve hiring. 


The Head-tracking 3D Illusion 

This is flat-out cool. Here's a video reportedly made in 2007, but the potentially immersive technology that it's demonstrating has yet to be widely adopted, despite the advances and proliferation of the required hardware since then. Will you be the one to make it go viral? 


The Atari Democrat

While today's pundits stump about putting controls on Big Tech, AI and Tik Tok, hopefuls of the 1970s were campaigning to keep America on technological pace with Japan. Here's an industry view noteworthy to new-timers and that some old-timers might remember.


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