JetBrains Claims Kotlin 2.0's K2 Compiler is '2X Faster'

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IN THIS ISSUE: Kotlin 2.0 Arrives with All-new Compiler; Google I/O Has Something for Everyone; Scaling Text Online The Airbnb Way; Malware for macOS Found in PyPI; Cat-phishing Tops the List of Scams; What is ChatGPT, Really?


The K2 Compiler Is Going Stable in Kotlin 2.0 | The Kotlin Blog

Kotlin 2.0 Arrives with All-new Compiler

The powerful and popular Java alternative last week reached a pinnacle with the release of Kotlin 2.0. According to Kotlin creator JetBrains, its completely rewritten K2 compiler boasts double the performance of its predecessor and unifies all supported platforms. 


Google I/O 2024: Something for Everyone

For those who might have missed Google I/O 2024 in mid-May, the company has posted more than two dozen videos that include a diverse array of topics. For those preferring to read, here's a list of 100 announcements


Airbnb's New Features Eliminate Surprises From Your Stay

Scaling Text Online, The Airbnb Way

When a business relies solely on its ability to make its offerings presentable online regardless of the eyes that are viewing them, they'd better get it right. One company that's laser-focused on the issue is Airbnb. Here's a look at how they do it. 


Malware for macOS Found in PyPI

Is it time to say bye-bye to PyPi? The Python repository has once again been compromised by malicious code, this time as an unauthorized variant of the popular "requests" library that affected only macOS. 


Bad romance: catphishing explained | Malwarebytes Labs

Cat-Phishing Tops the List of Recent Scams

In what appears like it could be a list of career paths for the hopelessly unemployed, cat-phishing, becoming a network parasite and submitting bogus invoices were the leading cyber threats in the first three months of the year, according to a study.


What is ChatGPT, Really? 

It's not a catchy name. It doesn't rhyme or roll off the tongue very well. Most working people have likely heard of ChatGPT, but probably don't even know what the GPT stands for. But even for those who do, this FAQ might still reveal a few things.  


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