Malware Bypasses Android Security; Google Preps for RISC-V

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IN THIS ISSUE: Malware Bypasses Android Security; Android Prepares for RISC-V; Using AI as UX Assistant; The Art of UI Compromise; Core Web Vitals Saves Millennia; Don't Rely Too Much on Apps; 



New Malware Bypasses Android Security

Hackers are crafty and nefarious, with apparently little else to do but figure out ways to harm others. 


Android Prepares for RISC-V

More than 10 years in the making, the RISC-V open instruction set architecture is gaining traction in the Android developer ecosystem. Google last year announced that it would accept patches for the extensible architecture, and it is now maturing Android support. 


Study: Using AI as UX Assistant

Tech-industry professionals who are not using AI tools regularly at work are at serious risk of falling behind their peers. A recent study by Nielsen Norman Group shows that a large majority of UX pros get help from AI tools several times a week, at minimum. 



Disposture chair forces sitters into an uncomfortable slump


Form vs. Function: The Art of UI Compromise

Some people favor a chair that looks good. Others prefer one that's comfortable to sit in. Here's a thoughtful piece on UI design that nails the form vs. function issue without being long and wordy. 


Google's Core Web Vitals Saves Multiple Millennia

If recent changes such as tab hibernation are any indication, developers at Google have taken criticism of Chrome's performance to heart. Risking its renewed credibility, the company claimed last week that its Core Web Vitals initiative has collectively saved 10,000 years of wait time. 


Don't Rely Too Much on Apps

What do Elon Musk and writers of the adult cartoon South Park have in common? Apparently they both believe that AI could one day replace all jobs and lead to a world in which an ever declining number of humans have the skills to perform a craft or trade. 


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