Microsoft, OpenAI Face Eight New Lawsuits from Newspapers

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IN THIS ISSUE: Microsoft, OpenAI Face New Lawsuits; OpenAI Introduces Model Spec; Scroll-based Animation Comes to Chrome; Microsoft to Launch Mobile App Store. Again.; Android Studio Jellyfish Includes Gemini; Apple's 'Crush' Ad: Love it or Hate it? 



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Microsoft, OpenAI vs. the Newspaper Industry 

Like a giant last gasp on their collective deathbeds, nearly a dozen publishers are suing Microsoft and OpenAI for infringing on their copyrighted newspaper content to train their large language models. Did anyone think this wouldn't happen? 


OpenAI Introduces Model Spec

Undeterred by pending litigation, OpenAI last week drafted the Model Spec, which suggests to researchers and trainers how its ChatGPT LLM and API should work when the system is learning based on human feedback. 


The Benefits of Scroll Animation for Your Website

Scroll-based Animation Now in Chrome 

Some of the coolest-looking websites are those that change and animate as the visitor scrolls up and down. Once requiring JavaScript and the trickery of intersectional elements, scroll-based animations are now built into Chrome. Google explains how in this 10-part video series. 


Microsoft to Launch Mobile App Store. Again.

In a move that some might say reinforces the definition of insanity, Microsoft has declared its intention to try its hand again at the mobile app store. The reason? Reportedly, Redmond thinks the world needs a web-based alternative to the native apps from Apple and Google. 


Android Studio Jellyfish Includes Gemini Coding Assist

Android Studio 2023.3.1 (Jellyfish) is available now in the stable channel. It includes Gemini as a coding companion, Android Gradle Plugin 8.4 real-device streaming and a new Power Profiler with A/B testing. Get more information and download it now from the release page



Apple's 'Crush' Ad: Love it or Hate it? 

It would be rare for Apple--or perhaps more accurately TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Apple's ad agency--to miss the mark on a major ad. Its latest ad, intended to draw buzz around the thinness of the new iPad Pro, uses a popular social media meme. What's your opinion? Leave a comment. 


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W Wallace Lynn

@ flappy bird, These are the biggest difficulties that Microsoft and OpenAI face. New lawsuits from the press cause a stir in public opinion, greatly affecting Microsoft's identity. I hope all the information will soon be resolved and settled.