Microsoft Puts Canary in Terminal

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IN THIS ISSUE:  Microsoft Puts Canary in Terminal; Malware Spread by Skype, Teams; Microsoft to Retire VBScript; Research Shows Dev Risks; Wayland Finding its Way into Linux


Microsoft Puts Canary in Terminal

Redmond has added a Canary channel to Terminal, giving developers access to new features ahead of the company's quarterly release schedule. 



Malware Spread by Skype, Teams

There seems to be no end to the lengths hackers will traverse to make their mark. A tactic revealed last week reportedly uses compromised accounts on Skype and Microsoft Teams to deliver DarkGate, which appears as a PDF and spreads when opened. 


Microsoft to Retire VBScript

A day late and a dollar short, Microsoft has announced that it will retire VBscript, the antiquated programming language that's reportedly behind numerous cyber crimes, including DarkGate. 


Researcher Says Dev Risk Level High

A recent survey of 500 developers showed that an astonishing 70 percent of developers admitted to using someone else's credentials to bypass company security protocols, and 68 percent merge their code without review.     


Wayland vs X11 - YouTube

Wayland Finding its Way into Linux

Enough gloom and doom; here's a light-hearted story about the future of Linux and the graphics layer that's poised to replace the venerable X Window system.  


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