NYT Lawsuit Could Send OpenAI Back to the Drawing Board

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IN THIS ISSUE: NYT Could Force ChatGPT Reset; Privacy Sandbox Gets Audience Delegation; AI Integration Help for JavaScript Devs; 4 Greatest Vulnerabilities at Back Hat; Reflect Before Collection; Firefox To Support Android Extensions


NYT Lawsuit Could Force ChatGPT Reset 

The New York Times is crying foul. The Grey Lady claims that OpenAI scraped its news sites to build the large language model that it now uses as the "intelligence" behind ChatGPT. 


Privacy Sandbox Gets Audience Delegation

Google last week introduced a preview of custom audience delegation, the latest enhancement to the Privacy Sandbox effort the company is leading to help improve data security for Android and web apps. The new feature reportedly provides a less intrusive way to target ads. 


AI Integration Help for JavaScript Devs

For JavaScript developers looking to integrate their apps with AI, some help comes from an independent source. ModelFusion is a library freely available on GitHub that its developer says provides reusable elements like a framework but without the constraints and overhead. 


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Four Greatest Vulnerabilities at Black Hat 

Black Hat 2023, the annual cybersecurity confab, was held for the 26th time earlier this month, and exposed numerous vulnerabilities in the fragile thing we call the internet. AI represented a chief concern. No surprise there, but the remaining issues might seem unexpected. 


Reflection Before Collection 

Before endeavoring to build the next Great Wall or to air-gap an organization's data systems, it might be prudent to reflect on whether the data that's being collected sound be. 


Firefox to Support Extensions on Android

When it unveils a release timeline some time next month, Mozilla will be the first and only major browser maker to provide an open ecosystem for developing browser extensions for Android devices.



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