Touching 26b records, it's the 'Mother of all Breaches'

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The Mother of all Data Breaches

With the number of gargantuan data breaches that have taken place in recent years, it's saying a lot to call one the "Mother of all Data Breaches." With LinkedIn topping the list and more than 26 billion records compromised, this one certainly qualifies. 


10 Stand-out Products from CES 2024

The hundreds of thousands of brave souls who attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 in Las Vegas in January might have missed some of the gems that tech gurus have been talking and writing about ever since. For the rest of us, industry veteran Rob Enderle gives his take. 



browser-based phishing attacks

Browser BOLO

Be on the lookout for phishing attacks jumping into the boat through the browser. According to a report by Melo Security, which (full disclosure) makes browser security tools, such attacks doubled in the second half of last year and are getting more sophisticated. 


Adding AI the Easy Way 

For those who've been putting off any attempt to add AI to their JavaScript project, that procrastination has paid off. This fun tutorial by Austin Gil (with video) is super-easy to follow and requires only NodeJS to get started. 


Image of side by side mobile device screens showing how the prompt to update may look to users

A New Way for New Versions

Google last week introduced a new way to prompt users that there's a new version of the app they just launched. If for whatever reason the app user isn't on the latest, a prompt like the one above appears at each launch, gently reminding the user that a new version is available.  


Optimize Build Times, the Meta Way

Developers at Meta have revealed their AI-based methods for reducing build and executables-packaging times by "double-digit percentages" according to claims. 



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