Submitted by Katie Nunez on September 5, 2014 - 5:05pm


Supply chains are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enterprise challenges but thanks to ZATAR, businesses can rest assured that every moving part is accounted for along the way.

For most enterprises, the supply chain has always been a very manual process that sets off a chain reaction of emails and phone calls to ensure everything runs according to plan. For a small-scale operation, this could work but when it comes to large enterprise customers, it just isn’t feasible to rely on individuals without factoring in some margin of human error.

Imagine the pharmaceutical company that ships temperature-sensitive medications to pharmacies disbursed across the country. Now think of all the steps along the route from manufacturing to delivery. From manufacturers to distributors, retailers to consumers, there are many moving parts along the way. The more components involved, the higher the risk of error.

Gone are the days of individuals manually entering data in spreadsheets and phoning or emailing one another to check on supply status.  Thanks to ZATAR, the dream of a smooth supply chain is now a reality. Equipping the shipments of medication with temperature and location sensors provides businesses with real-time visibility into the condition and location of the medications, notifying distributors of condition reports and retailers of delays. Armed with this information, all parties can plan for and proactively respond to any misstep along the way.

The ultimate outcome of such a solution is increased productivity, decreased waste and seamless interactions.

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