Introducing Enterprise Browser

Introducing : Enterprise Browser

Enterprise Browser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser enabling developers to build feature rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with the features in Symbol Technologies mobile computers and peripherals - such as barcode scanning, signature capture, printing and more. Enterprise Browser applications leverage standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) to run and integrate with virtually any Symbol Technologies devices running Microsoft © Windows Mobile, Windows © CE or Android. With support for the legacy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used in PocketBrowser and RhoElements Shared Runtime, Enterprise Browser is the ideal path forward for developers looking to migrate legacy applications to newer devices or to create applications with todays highly-graphical and intuitive user interfaces. Enterprise Browser features will speed up your application development time, reducing costs and making the transition to next generation devices and operating systems fast, easy and affordable - especially in high volume mobile environments.



Key Features


Enterprise Browser: An application development toolkit for mobile cross-platform enterprise apps

* Supports all enterprise devices: mobile computers, tablets, kiosks, wearables and vehicle mount

* Supports multiple operating systems: Windows © Embedded Handheld, Windows © CE, Windows © Mobile and Android ©


Build apps using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

* Use web skills to create beautiful applications

* Based on open source and standard technologies, not proprietary toolkits

* Access the world's largest developer community


Common APIs across all enterprise devices

* Single code base; does not require different APIs for different OSs to create a true write once, run anywhere experience

* Easily access device capabilities with JavaScript APIs


Backward compatible with PocketBrowser

* Enterprise Browser is compatible with legacy PocketBrowser APIs, enabling a clear path forward for legacy applications

* EMML (Meta Tag) support extended to Android


Backward compatible with RhoElements

* Enterprise Browser is compatible with legacy RhoElements JavaScript APIs enabling a clear path forward for "RhoElements Shared Runtime" users


Unparalleled access to device capabilities

* Access all device features, including bar code scanning, signature capture, printing, RFID and much more.


Thin client architecture

* Simplifies device deployment and management by enabling instant application updates on devices; ensures version consistency.


Operating system "lock out"

* Hides access to distractions, such as web-browsing and games; simplifies user interface and eliminates risk of unauthorized changes to device settings.


Full screen display

* Maximizes available display space for a richer, more effective user interface; hides command bar and Start menu


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