12.08.30-Java.jpgHave you built your application in Java and looking for or need a Java SDK for Card? Zebra’s current Card SDK and ZXP Series 1/3 card printer SDK’s are Windows based development platforms and resolve issues for Java application developers.

Customers have asked us for a portable Java SDK or API option for Card Printers. We have been working on a Java SDK for ZXP Card Printers that is based on the current Link-OS™ Java API with specific extensions for Card printing. This new Java SDK also allows ISV and Application Developers to integrate card printing into their applications from Linux environments, as well as Windows. Contact your Zebra Card Business Development Manager to talk about your Card SDK development options, including an upcoming new Java SDK specifically to support ZXP Card Printers.

Always remember, your best option for getting Card SDK Technical support is to email our dedicated SDK Tech Support email box. Provide as much technical and environment detail as possible on your SDK technical question or issue and a support engineer will reply with a timely response.