I spent last week in Turin with my colleague clovati, some amazing speakers and more than 750 developers at one of my favourite developer event, droidcon Italy!


Jeroen Mols has written a nice recap of the event that you can find on his website with a lot of details on the topics.


For Zebra Technologies we were presenting our mobile computers and printers with a huge interest.

Our TC8000 was doing a lot of noise and attracted the attention of the news, you can see a video of what was transmitted in north of Italy on prime time (in Italian).




We had other interviews from other news services and the key message for us was about the flexibility of Android and the importance to have security and full-control of the OS for our customers. The key tagline is always "We make Android not only User-Friendly, we make it IT-Friendly".


On Friday April 8th I've presented my talk, Android: It's Time to Go To Work!, slides are available on Speaker Deck.


As always droidcon Italy has been a blast.


Ciao from Pietro and Carlo.