While Apple is looking to beef up its menu of red meat for the enterprise, Google wants to cleave off a section of the messaging market that Apple has been hogging for years. Microsoft, meanwhile, is patching a major hole in its browser code while prepping for a major Visual Studio launch.


Google Unveils Dozens of New Carriers, Device Makers Supporting its 'iMessage'

Apple will no longer have a corner on native messaging for devices running its operating system. Google's RCS takes a major leap forward with support from 27 carriers and device makers.


SAP Reveals iOS Dev Tool as Apple Plays for the Enterprise

Apple and SAP have set a release date of March 30 for a tool that the companies claim will let enterprise developers build simple iOS apps that can access SAP back-end systems and data. 


Sharing Files Through Intents Part 2: Fixing Permissions Before Lollipop

Ennova Group's Lorenzo Quiroli delivers the next installment of his series on using Nougat's intent-based file sharing to maintain (or fix) backward compatibility. In case you missed it, here's Part 1.


Google Reveals Bug in Microsoft Browser Code

Time's up Microsoft. After discovering and reporting to Microsoft a severe vulnerability in its Edge browser that could result in a take-over, Google has reported the bug to the world, citing the expiration of its self-imposed 90 waiting period during which Microsoft was to build a patch.


A Guide for Migrating from SHA-1 to SHA-2 Encryption

When it comes to migrating to new technology standards, things don't always move quickly in the corporate world. However, it looks like SHA-2 encryption, which was recommended as a standard in 2002, will become compulsory over the next two years.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Available Tomorrow

On March 7, Microsoft kicks off a two-day launch event for the latest version of Visual Studio, which was first release 20 years ago. Here's the schedule for this no-holds-barred event.


Facial Recognition Puts Money Where Your Mouth Is

If you thought that paying with your smartphone was cool, wait until you can pay with your face. It's already happening in China. 


New Classes for Xamarin Begin March 9

As part of its Visual Studio 2017 celebrations, Microsoft has launched a new series of webinars for the education of Xamarin developers. Classes begin March 9.