Industry News - Week of May 8, 2017

IBM to Acquire Verizon Cloud Services

Big Blue to join Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the cloud-based infrastructure arena, in a deal that's expected to close later this year.


Cisco Expands Internet of Things Service

With a new service called Control Center for Mobile Enterprise, Cisco leverages IoT to help companies get a grip on connection and management of employee BYOD.


Microsoft Ventures Into AI Startup Agolo

Redmond's corporate investment arm has planted a $3.5 seed into Agolo, a New York-based company that began in 2012 with a solution that moderates Twitter feeds.


Does Windows 10 Mobile Have a Future?

Even Microsoft might have some doubts. In a recent earnings report, Redmond might have been a bit too forthcoming about the relevance of the mobile version of its flagship operating system.


Company Testing Home Healthcare Robots



Forbes Fab Five: The Case for IoT in Retail

There's nothing terribly Earth-shattering here, but Forbes' Nikki Baird nicely sums up the handful of IoT opportunities awaiting retailers with resources enough to build them.


Android O Enhances Storage, Security and More

Android framework developer Ian Lake takes a deep dive into Android O, and explains its really significant improvements to storage, security and shared preferences.


Domino's Gets Creative With IoT



Startup to Add Hearing to Autos

A new company called OtoSense is working with the auto industry to give cars the ability to "hear" when there's a problem.


SAP Taps 3D Printing, Cloud to Automate Manufacturing

SAP has unveiled Distributed Manufacturing, a cloud-based application and service that adds 3D printing to its Leonardo IoT service help automate companies large and small.


Using Firebase as a Real-Time System

Google Expert Enrique López Mañas explains Firebase can greatly simplify development of full-function mobile apps for Android and iOS.