Industry News - Week of June 5, 2017

Android Studio 3.0 Preview is Here

The latest Android-targeted IDE supports Kotlin and Instant Apps, improves Gradle build time and includes new performance profiling tools for squeezing more speed from apps. Download now.


Making the Case for Kotlin

For those not yet convinced of the benefits of JetBrains' latest brainchild, Collective Idea's Victoria Gonda makes a compelling case.


Android Instant Apps Primer

Nish Tahir and James Sun of coding contractor WillowTree wrote a good introduction to Android Instant Apps, the modular programming model introduced at Google I/O last year.


Google, IBM, Lyft Collaborate on Microservices Platform

The three companies are working on Istio, an open-source platform designed to provide a common way to connect, secure, manage and easily scale apps that use HTTP, gRPC and TCP microservices.


What Types of Tools are IoT Devs Using?

Covering IoT since 2012, Stijn Schuermans of research firm VisionMobile explores the platforms, sensors, tools and other factors that go into devices made for the internet of things.


Gartner's Top 10 Tech Trends for 2017

On the subject of IoT, the tech of smart devices, AI and machine learning play heavily in the researcher's picks for this year's strategic technology report.


RedLock CSI: Huge Hole in Cloud Security

Security concerns raised by a security company shouldn't be a huge surprise. But 82 percent is a number too big to ignore; is your company among the culprits?


Community Offers Help with Gradle-Plugin Migration

For Gradle users planning to migrate to the Android plugin 3.0.0-alpha1, the Android developer community offers this timely tutorial.


Raspberry Pi to Merge with CoderDojo

By merging their respective developer communities, the organizations hope to give young device makers who cut their teeth on Raspberry Pi access to a broader base of developers and source code.